June 2nd, 2010

JetЛАГ-2010 presents: Marc Nasdor @ Jetlag.edu

В воскресение на JetЛАГе пройдет серия workshops, цель которых education + fun. Или скорее fun = education!
В рамках этой программы, нью-йоркский поэт, музыкант и world music DJ  Marc Nasdor, известный многим как Marc from Mehanata, автор "Sonnetailia" (Roof Books, 2007) и других книг, will conduct "Runglish" round table discussion.

Poet and musician Marc Nasdor will lead an open workshop for Russian-language songwriters who, as many audiences have noticed, have been writing and singing some of their lyrics in English.

Part round-table discussion, part workshop and recital, it will be a chance for musicians to speak about their own lyric-writing development; how Russian lyrics, and the themes that arise in them, are being ported over to English-speaking audiences. We will exchange ideas about how to bring the Russian and Ukrainian sensibilities, social interactions, trans-national life experiences to listeners in the US/Canada/UK, in addition to the melodic aspects. Songwriters are encouraged to bring lyrics to the workshop to present examples of how they have been responding to the challenge in using English, or even "Runglish" in their songs. The notion is to promote literary exchange through music--something that already happens in poetry and fiction--with the goal of expanding the audiences here, and most important, to inject fresh and previously unknown [to American listeners] aesthetics into the mix, focusing on absolutely current and topical experience.


Marc Nasdor is a poet, writer and musician is a native of Baltimore who has lived in New York City since 1980. He was involved for a decade with the late poet Allen Ginsberg and several prominent poets in the promotion and translation of international poetry for publication, the stage and the radio. He has also spent more than 25 years involved with the Hungarian arts scene in the US and in Budapest and Pécs, Hungary.